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I am Naam, a Thai teacher and the content creator of YouTube channel, Facebook page and Instagram account so called “Speak Thai Possible”

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Naam is a patient and caring teacher and that is important in learning Thai as a beginner. It helps with setting the foundational concepts and enables an encouraging frame of mind to gradually build confidence that is critical in any language learning journey!
Online private class Thai private lesson Learn Thai online thai Lernen learn thai tones thailändisch thai teacher
Bryan - USA
University Student
I was looking for a teacher to improve my speaking as well as confidence in communicating with native speakers. I realised that learning from books and other materials was not enough. I have now been learning with Kru Naam for around 6+ hours and fell like I have found the right teacher in helping me to reach my goals. I highly recommend Kru Naam as she is passionate and has all the attributes of a great teacher 5⭐️!
Thank you so much for teaching me the tone markers and rules. I thought I could read Thai just because I knew the alphabet. Ha! Definitely needed your course to continue my learning. Still working on remembering all of the rules, but having your charts handy really helps. Couldn't have done it without you.
Online private class Thai private lesson Learn Thai online thai Lernen learn thai tones thailändisch thai teacher
George - USA
ESL Teacher
Naam is fun, prepared, knowledgeable and passionate for what she does. You won’t be disappointed! Learning with Naam has proven to be an enjoyable and easy, even when the content seems challenging and hard. Naam explains concepts very clearly, always provides examples and contextualizes her explanations. She makes you work with real-life material and classes are interactive and interesting. She also has an extensive knowledge of grammar and can tackle any structure or topic that comes up in class, even if it was not part of the lesson we are currently learning, which I love, since I am personally a grammar nerd. There’s never a dull moment in our classes.
Online private class Thai private lesson Learn Thai online thai Lernen learn thai tones thailändisch thai teacher
Cynthia - Argentina
Certified Translator
My sister and I started taking classes with Kruu Naám at the beginning of 2020 and we were total beginners back then: we were unable to speak, listen, read or write any Thai. The amount of progress we have made this year has been enormous! We have learned all the tones and tone rules for pronunciation, and we are already capable of reading the whole alphabet, signs, songs and short stories, all in only a few months! Our conversational Thai and our knowledge of Thai culture have improved a lot, too. All the materials Kruu Naám uses for the classes are very detailed and dynamic, she is very easy going and easy to talk to, and she has tailored and customized her lessons to meet all of our needs and interests. I also never imagined I would have so much fun while learning how to write, read, and speak Thai every week with her. ขอบคุณค่ะครูน้ำ! คุณดีที่สุด!😊

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