thai audio lesson

Are you...?

- frustrated because you still cannot understand Thai speakers easily after learning for years?

- angry that you have learned Thai for years but still cannot complete your sentences?

- frustrated when you can understand Thai while reading or listening but you become quiet when you have to speak Thai?

- tired of words memorization and learning grammar from books?

- sick of Thai lessons that are full of English and simply literal translation which does not help you memorizing new words or new sentence structures?

- trying to stop translating from your native language into Thai to speak Thai like a native?

- looking for 100% Thai audio lessons that allow you to immerse in the Thai language?

This learning approach through immersion will bring you a new dimension.

No textbooks

No exercises

listen and learn actively by answering simple questions

narrated by a Thai native speaker will train you to speak and respond faster

These unique audio lessons are different from other Thai listening practices in the market. You will not only practice listening, but you will also practice speaking by responding to questions from easy & short questions to long & more challenging questions about the stories sentence by sentence. The aim is not only to understand what people say but also to be able to respond naturally and to make a conversation with confidence.

With these audio lessons, You will...

  Improve your listening skill enormously

  Acquire Thai subconsciously

✅  Speak without translating from your native language into Thai

✅  Feel relaxed and speak Thai naturally

  Become a confident Thai speaker

How did this powerful approach help me acquire English without living abroad?

Not familiar with this approach?

Try out this approach and learn how it worked successfully with my English learning through this video or read this blog for more details.


Check out my free lessons on the the playlist of “Input for Thai learners” on my YouTube Channel “Speak Thai Possible” 

Test it out for a couple of weeks before making a purchase and buy it only when you make progress! 


What is included in the package?


Audio of a mini-story (slow speed)

Audio of a mini-story (normal speed)

Audio of a circling question exercise

Audio of vocabulary with examples


*** Audio files are 100% in Thai to support learning a language through immersion. ***


PDF (Thai script only – No transliteration)

PDF of vocabulary session ( Thai – English)

PDF of a mini-story

PDF of a circling question exercise

PDF of vocabulary with examples


All files are stored in Google Drive. 


Download Free Sample Lessons & Guidelines in PDF


The package costs ONLY 30 Euro

You can listen to these lessons repeatedly for months until you completely understand the stories and response to the questions at ease. Affordable and cost-effective with amazing results that you will prove by yourself.

How to place an order and receive lessons?

1. Select and click on the lesson package below.

2. You will be directed to PayPal to make a payment.

3. The downloadable lessons will be sent to your email within 24 hrs. A link is valid for 14 days after purchase.

4. The link will be sent to your registered email on PayPal. If a link should be sent to a different email address, please notify your preferred email at

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