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Do you...

- want to read menu at a restaurant by yourself?

- want to read books or materials in Thai to advance your Thai?

- want to read subtitles of your favourite movies?

- want to be able to read posts on social media and catch up with all the news?

- want to type in Thai when chatting your Thai friends and family?

- want to drastically improve your pronunciation?

- want to understand tone rules effortlessly?
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30-hour Write & Read Thai Course

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Your success matters.

You will receive materials & supports to ensure that you will reach your goal of writing and reading Thai at the end of the course.

What is included in a package?

  1. 30 hours of live online classes with a small group of 5-6 students. Everyone will have a chance to participate in the class.
  2. Colourful materials in PDF with full of exercises to practice outside of the class. 
  3. Exercises with audio for tone training. Not only will you be able to read and write Thai but also pronounce words with right tones.
  4. Free additional 2-hour Q & A group session at the end of the course to wrap up all topics.
  5. Exclusive WhatsApp group during the course and 2 months after the course so you can ask any related questions and receive full support when facing a reading issue in a real life.

The tasks of learning how to write or read Thai scripts seemed overwhelming, but Naam was able to break these down in short, manageable units with a lot of exercises to practice. I just finished learning the entire Thai alphabet and it feels incredible and empowering to be able to recognize all the letters and read all the syllables! I can’t imagine having learned this with any other teacher. If you are looking to learn the basics or perfect your Thai, do not hesitate to choose Naam.


My sister and I started taking classes with Kruu Naám at the beginning of 2020 and we were total beginners back then: we were unable to speak, listen, read or write any Thai. The amount of progress we have made this year has been enormous! We have learned all the tones and tone rules for pronunciation, and we are already capable of reading the whole alphabet, signs, songs and short stories, all in only a few months!


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