You can be sure that I am not just a teacher who delivers information about Thai language to students. I enjoy and always look forward to the next class. Not only am I passionate about foreign languages and the Thai language, but I am also passionate about sharing them with others. 

I am a Thai teacher who continues to be a student. I learn from books, online resources, other experienced Thai teachers and I attend trainings in order to possess the right knowledge about my language and skills of a teacher.

And I believe that teaching with a passion will turn my students to become more passionate learners.

I am specialised in

  • Teaching total beginners:(Speaking/Listening/Reading/Writing)
  • Pronunciation: Thai tones & tone rules for all levels
  • Thai Grammar and sentence structure for all levels
  • Conversational Thai

Lessons for
(Total) Beginners

  • A clear course syllabus including necessary topics for beginners. Each lesson you will learn grammar, vocabulary, Thai culture and practice with  plenty of exercises to enhance your speaking skills
  • The textbooks are well-chosen and they are perfect for beginners
  • Free access to online flashcards with audio included in each lesson for self-review

Lessons for Intermediate - Advanced Learners

  • Customised lessons to fit your needs and interests
  • Request your lesson topic
  • Improve specific skills such as pronunciation, Thai tones, grammar, conversational Thai, writing & reading and etc.

How does
a class look like?

How to book a class

Step 1

Fill Out the Form

Step 1

Tell me about your goals, expectations &   Thai level.

Step 2

Book a Free Trial Class

Step 2

Once I receive your interest form, we will schedule a trial class and we get to know each other. 

Step 3

Receive details

Step 3

You receive payment and class booking details.

Step 4

Pay & Schedule a Class

Step 4

Pay via PayPal or a bank transfer for Thai or European bank account. Schedule a class with Naam.


Buy 1 Lesson

40€ / Lesson
  • Pay as you go
  • Learn whenever you wish

Buy 5 Lessons

150€ / Package
  • No minimum amount of lesson/time
  • Save 50€ from the original price

Buy 10 Lessons

270€ / Package
  • No minimum amount of lesson/time
  • Save 130€ from the original price


  • 1 lesson lasts 45 minutes.
  • A class will be conducted on Zoom where a student can see my screen and me on a camera. 
  • For (total)beginners lessons, there are 2 textbooks. 
  • For intermediate – advanced lessons, course materials will be shared on Google Drive or/and iCloud Pages.
  • Package expiration date is 12 weeks from the fee payment date. In case of cancellation with a 24-hr notice, a make-up class will be conducted within the same week if there is available schedule.
  • Any cancellation made less than 24 hrs in advance will be treated as an unauthorized absence with no make-up class available.
  • EURO rates are inclusive of PayPal transfer fee.
  • Contact me for a special offer when taking a class for more than 1 student.

For more information,  please contact me at speakthaipossible@gmail.com


Get to know your teacher before making a decision, claim your free 30-minute trial class. Let’s have a talk.

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